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[Saturday August 16 2008 @ 9:01am]
So i'm all alone at home and god forbid, i tried to clean up my house but somehow managed to screw that up so everything's messed up right now. Not only that, there's food in the kitchen and i'm supposed to re-heat it like everyday or something right? I lit the stove (is that what it's called?) and joyfully heated 3 pots of i dont know what at the same time, and that was at 8am.

Just awhile ago (almost an hour later), i went into the kitchen to grab a yakult, and mampos! 1 pot has no more gravy cos somehow it evaporated, the other 2 just looks like its filled with old weeners, and that's not all. The whole kitchen smells confusing. It's like confusion just walking into the kitchen, i swear.

I still have 2 more bicycles to clean, find my rollerblades to 'exercise', make rice grains edible, find things-to-do to occupy my time so i wont keep calling people out, and more. I wish i was married, then i can just shout out "HANA! Clean the house and do the dishes after you're done with my food!" or something like that. :(

My life made a u-turn.
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[Friday June 13 2008 @ 5:27pm]


[Wednesday March 26 2008 @ 3:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Here's my 2008 birthday wishlist.

1. Cash (to buy #2, then #3)
2. Laptop
3. Car

I rolled on my laptop, and caused it to slide off my bed and land on its side. So now its got a little gaping hole and i cant charge it. Which also makes for a totally useless laptop since i cant even use it when the battery's drained.

I am so totally fucked.
I am so totally fucked cos i need at least $1600 more to get a new macbook.
I am so totally fucked cos i need at least $2400 more to get a new macbook pro.

Let's start the count down.

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oh friends.. [Tuesday March 25 2008 @ 10:42pm]
To go to bangkok from the 3rd to 7th, or, to judge for Miss Singapore Universe 2008 Semi-Finals on the 6th?
Or both?
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[Tuesday March 18 2008 @ 1:51pm]
R E A D 04 P O S T

[Monday March 17 2008 @ 1:30pm]


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It's been long, LJ. [Thursday February 07 2008 @ 1:18pm]

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Krunk II [Thursday August 23 2007 @ 11:42pm]

steph, you crazy girl, you're in there somewhere too.
freaking crazy shit.
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[Monday July 23 2007 @ 10:59am]
[ mood | v.nice ]

The night, was really really the highlight of the year. Great 5,10. Great 7up. Great drinks. Fucking great people. I couldnt have asked for a better devirginisation fag party. Its been long since i danced so so so fucking much, and taking the step to halt him from coming along is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much cos i really enjoyed myself, and i hope you did too since you dont get to jiggle so much when tailong is around AND most of all, you dont get to enjoy the sights as much, like we used to. Hohoho. So tonight, was very very nice. Kboy omg :)

So from now onwards,
I have booked all your (and your 2 friends' &jav&spyder's) sunday nights, unless given a notice 5 days in advance.
(since i dont own all the other days anymore!)

no one ugly allowed.

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hello, you. [Friday June 08 2007 @ 8:14am]

I know what'd be best right now.

For the holidays to end tomorrow,
so i can see the people in school, have a normal schooling life, talk to people, go out with more people and generally, have more of anything that has got to do with people, or person(s). Meanwhile, i have a thousand and one surveys to hand out for the basic media research groupwork (soon enough), my piece-to-camera and to end it all off, the single cam public service announcement video assignment shit. So much for having holidays eh?

Farewell white girl, Rachel Monkman. Have safe fun in the ol' english land. You owe us big time cos you wont be here to do BMR with us!

And in other news, the pub room in school has been christened home to a couple of us. Spending the whole night in school, believe it or not, is damn fun. Though i seriously think we need some sort of cushion/bed in here. In the meantime, Daniel makes a good replacement :D
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[Thursday May 10 2007 @ 7:46am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Myohmy what a wonderful day; deep-a-dee-doo-dah deep-a-dee-yay!

I passed my BTT thank god.
Dear sister would've killed me if i didnt cos she's the sole sponsor; and thats only because if i can drive, i can be her chauffeur. Thanks alot :) The girl sitting beside me decided to be smart and copy my answers just because we were doing the test on touch screen lcd(s) which meant she had a whole free viewing gallery of an opportunity to take long glances at my screen. Thing was though, the questions were all at random order. And this smart confident girl, breezed through her 50 questions and pressed the end test button 20 mins into the 50 mins long test thinking that she was done. She got a big fat FAILED blinking on her screen for a whole 20seconds, which ofcourse she tried to hide with her stick thin body. Pfft. She still had enough skin to give me a bitchface while storming off!

And since today was a partially alone day, i had time to remember the songs that we were crazy about in secondary school. Bus rides were the primary perfect time to go emo with the songs that couldnt ever get out of our heads! Hahahaha. Here's a list, complete with lyrics under the cuts starting with the favouritest of the moment! The lyrics for some are just, love. Especially the first one! And no zx, nothing much here to read into. hahaha. righht.




Oh, we also had a whole happyfuntime with the school's secret mini cars just now. Driving around with hoon and auggy; it was damn fucking fun and one of the most syiokest thing i've ever done in school. Wind in the face, Uturns at the edge of the fountain place and all. And the miserable accident. Totally worth the stay in school i say!



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[Tuesday May 08 2007 @ 1:02pm]
[ mood | bouncybones ]

Oh hello you, you, you and more of you! You've been growing abit lately huh? Here's a friendly hi for you cos i know you know that i know you've been deprived of friendly me for quite some time now. Of course, not like you need it, but for this purpose, just take it okay? No charge! Heehee, meep meep!

So i should say you're lost, in your freakin own world, god knows in which parallel universe that is! No one actually knows what happens in this world of yours, and you dont really bother with no one, so thats that. Its not like a requirement for us to know, so we dont ask. But dont take anything against us if ever, your life goes down under, after some tragic mishap cos some of us tried. Not that you cared at that point of time because life, to you is like, i have no idea what. So i'm not gonna try to be in your shoes cos i bet under that clown-i-dont-care suit, it must stink pretty bad.

Oh dear fish, you need to surface real soon cos if you dont, there goes your life. Your studies, your future job, your creative director/designer position, your acquaintance(s), etc etc. Its such a waste, no? And having your nest in the open sea faraway from the other school of fishes is no good reason at all to not even make the effort to come at the strike of 12. It cant even qualify as one, i think.

And please, do us all a favour and actually have a little bit of respect for senior fishes dear clown. Its bad enough to see your life flushed down the drain together with a beer-bellied, nipple pierced, distorted little thing we some people call, men. We dont need your reputation to go the same way too. Especially when dealing with people like Nahboo, etc etc. There's always a fine line between being rude and having no respect and being all buddy-buddy-friendly with seniority like that. Though it was funny when she gave that face, the last time you entered class.

Wait, when exactly was the last time you were in for any class?
i kind of forgot. In fact, i think everyone did.

So there goes, reality check? Anyone?
I feel like sucha samaritan :D

And is it me or do i usually get away scott free with these kind of things? I need some challenge people. Up my arse and to my face! hahaha, Come on! It gets a little lonely with you people having no qualms and all. Such a disdain; whatever all of that means.

Oh, and of course, this post is just fictional in its entirety. I totally just woke up one night, had a tingling feeling in my balls and then, POOF! The idea came to my mind and without thinking, my fingers started clicking away! Its totally not related to any current events, or people i know, or whatever. And no offence to anyone really(no, seriously), especially when i was trying my best to be visually artistic, painting words like beer-bellied, nipple pierced, distorted little thing we call men. Sweet right? *keeps a straight face&pirouttes off left of stage*

R E A D 02 P O S T

[Monday May 07 2007 @ 2:00am]
I like talking, but i love talking to the people i love. Not love as in, literally. But love as in love. You know? Because talking helps, alot. Pretty much with everything i must say. Well, almost everything. But not everything. Well, i'd like to know; everything thats happening with you, whats on your mind, so talk. When you hate me for that 10 seconds, talk to me. Dont just stare, or shout. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Talk, talk, talk! But i love you still cos i'd be everything else but never usually the one who'd be the first to ask for a talk after whatever that happens. You, you and you and yes, you. Love!

So much has happened; with the person, the people, the events. Yesterday was a night out to DXO to watch Hirzi and Munah strut their stuff for the Toni&Guy's hair show. Hirzi was almost like the only guy who can walk on the runway and Munah on the other hand was such a beyonce, as in, with the hair dancing and all. Thanks so much for the tickets loves. And Miss Slutface Hana was in it as well by the way. Didn't even bother to tell me or anything until i was there, that slut.

&tomorrow, Auto-Cue happiness! I'm seriously excited! Auto-Cue is the thing that newscasters use to control the script that they're reading while on air. And i get to do that tomorrow! Zomg. I think weekdays are so totally better than some weekends.

Like seriously.
R E A D 07 P O S T

[Thursday April 26 2007 @ 1:24am]

oh yah sure, act like i was just born yesterday;
like i dont know whats happening.

oh sure, happy fuckfaces.
this is just why.
R E A D 04 P O S T

[Tuesday April 24 2007 @ 7:41pm]

Firstly, Happy Birthday to the mother!


i have a teenybooper-ish confession.

i think i make people think that i have a thing for them or like them just by being my mr nice self.

i'm not that easy okay.

oh wait.
hana, didnt you say you wanna go out with me?
tsk tsk tsk.
R E A D 03 P O S T

[Friday April 20 2007 @ 11:21pm]
I have the most irritating timetable EVER, this sem.
Let me see....

Monday                     2-3pm Broadcast Performance Lec
                               3-6pm Broadcast Performance Tut

Tuesday                  12-2pm Basic Media Research Lec
                              2-3pm Basics of Entrepreneurship Tut
                              3-4pm APEL2

Wednesday             9-10pm Sociology Lec
                            12-1pm Single Cam Lec
                              1-2pm Audio Production Lec

Thursday                 9-1pm Audio Production Lab
                             2-4pm Sociology Tut

Friday                   11-1pm Basic Media Research Tut
                             2-6pm Single Cam Tut

And i predict some very serious inter-religious war is gonna happen in my class. Most probably gonna be MuslimS vs Christian. Notice its not  in its plural form? hahahaha. I think i should seriously try to stop being all, "oh, read in between the lines" in every one of my attempted jokes (for lack of a better, more positive sounding word). Oh well.

Bryan, Hoon, Rachel, Jac, Charmaine, Fledelick, Trazy, Joram, Yizhong, Yvonne, SarahOng, MeiTing, Auggy, Lorene. I know more than half of my new class already! How bad can it get right? 22-14=8; And thats the number of people i've yet to get to know.

And freshie update: a couple of familiar faces in my course, including maryanne(ex classmate) and wanhua(fellow graduated-sajc dancer), jovitha(ex tms netballer), etc etc. Only 2 people got my attention though! Hahahaha.

Totally can't wait for school to start, again. :S
R E A D 014 P O S T

When you've crossed the line, there's no turning back. [Sunday April 08 2007 @ 1:07pm]
There is no more:

Talking before bedtime.
Countdowns (or ups) "1-2-3" before sleeping.
Torturous snoring to annoy everyone in the house.
Multi-purpose cigarette extinguishing toilets.
Egg carton(s).
Mass movie screenings.
Huddling under the blankets.
Singing to oldies; or trying to remember how the tunes go. (Anyone remembers the "radioooo" song by an irritating girl?)
Steff scolding knnbccb in a very weird way.
Sher's bimbotic ways; which amuses me to the max.
Ghetto talk with hirzi. (No more shania.)
Anthony, to scare with black magic and dancing chants.
Bella to butch around with.
Michelle to be bitchy with.
Gus and his awesomely fab homecooked meals.
Half naked fat boy to talk to in a freezing cold room. (of course, he didnt feel the cold.)
Tudung girl to twirl my hair.
Troubles with earphones.
Humongonourmous 50cent coins.
Confused weather.
Superbly great sunsets.
Awesomely nice night skies.
90 cents bus ride, including transfers.
Bitchface jane and psycho tony.
Making up lyrics to an acoustic song aptly titled in my itunes as "Gus's Acoustic (Perth)". a.k.a, all time fave acoustic.
Nando's, KMart, Roger David, Jap Restaurant + Cute Girl, Target, huge kebabs with chips, etc.
Cold breezes and low humidity atmosphere.
Air-Boh's and their weird behavior.
Listening to A Walk to Remember soundtracks in the apartment.
Sixpence None the Richer's.
Sharing mp3 players.
Mussels, fish&chips, battered prawns.
Annoying seaguls and ravens.
The River.
Jogging. (though i only went once, which was enough for me, judging by my size.)
Havaianas spree.
Confusing busport.

And the list goes on, and on...
Clearly, i generally enjoyed the trip.
R E A D 02 P O S T

[Saturday March 17 2007 @ 3:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]

And so i'll be flying off to Australia in like 16hours or so.
And i have not packed a single shit into this shit big thing i have for a luggage.

What should i bring to last me 3weeks in Australia?

Last minute shopping,
Last minute packing,
Last minute blogging.

I havent slept since like, forever. Because of the pre-trip test we had just now. Lectures every single day for the past week at 9am in the freaking morning and class only ends at like 1pm everyday. So anyways, this is such a boring entry but i just feel like typing this stuff down you know? Like i've/we've been waiting for this break from our school shit, singapore as a whole and our at times, naggy parents since january when we first paid the deposit for the air tickets.

So finally we're leaving...But there's like inertia in progress now. Like part of me's not really willing to go? But there's still the lovely nasty vicious people i call friends/classmates/loves who're going as well, so that's that.

Oh, and can one of you lovelies help check up on my mom please? You know who you guys are! I have a feeling she'll get bored playing bomberman and become a lonely miserable woman all alone at home most of the time. So yes, thanks eh? Maybe you all can have a movie marathon with her! hahahahahahahaha. love.

R E A D 06 P O S T

[Monday March 05 2007 @ 10:37pm]
[ mood | sick. ]

you know what?
fuck you.

make me happy oh pretty please,
just fucking shut up already.

[Saturday March 03 2007 @ 5:57pm]
i want to go for fabulous sundays at st james powerhouse.
*insert sad face, pout*


I didn't know Cleo accepts totally unstraight men to be in their pictorial list of the Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors. I thought this kind of editorial stuff in women's magazines are supposed to be targeted at an audience who are like strictly, you know...straight. With a capital S T R A I G H T. Which should mean that the guys they crown as their most eligible bachelors, should be too..right?

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